I Have Been House Sitting for a Friend

Of course the place does not need must watching over in season, this is one of those Vail luxury rentals and it is undergoing a lot of work right now. My job is not really to watch the house, but to watch the people that are working on it and make sure that they both do the things that they are being paid to do and do not do a lot of other things. A bit of the work I am doing as well, but that is just the simple stuff and things I learned how to do when I was working my way through college. I was able to learn a good deal when I worked for my uncles during the summer back then. If I was back home I would probably be working with one of them, as this is the busy time of the year and I am not teaching in the summer months.

At any rate I took this for a simple reason. I get to live up here rent free for three months give or take. That is a big deal for me and very convenient. I was already on my way out the door at my old apartment. For a variety of reasons it was not a sensible idea for me in the present tense. I am going to be at a new school when I get home too. All of my stuff is in my Mom’s basement right now and when I get back I am going to move it to a new place. In the meanwhile I am going to save a good deal of money and I am going to get a sort of vacation up in a place I have not ever visited. Obviously in the snow season it would be better.